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Why work out with us?
  • Premier, private fitness studio
  • Individualized programs
  • Motivating atmosphere
  • Certified trainers
  • Custom-tailored exercise programs
Fit and Flex by Angi is a premier, private fitness studio


I have been training with Angi for close to 10 years, and I can honestly say that without her I wouldn't keep a consistent exercise schedule. Coming to Fit and Flex by Angi to work out with Angi is a pleasure and a joy, and something I look forward to! The facility is beautiful, clean, and stocked with state-of-the art equipment. And even though I've been seeing Angi for so long, working out with her is NEVER boring. She always has new programs for me that keep my workouts fresh and interesting. I'm not one who loves to exercise, so having Fit and Flex by Angi is a lifesaver. Don't know what I'd do without them!


When I first walked into Fit and Flex by Angi last year I was physically and mentally exhausted. Beside being overweight, I had no energy and I felt like an old woman. During the time I have been working with Angi Long I have regained myself esteem, and I feel like the me of younger days. Angi is a wonderful trainer. Knowledgeable and caring. She creates a workout program that fits my particular situation. I now look forward to working out each week. That’s means a lot to me.

Marsha, 63 years old

With a huge gulp, I opened the door to Fit and Flex by Angi.

It had been several years since I had worked with a trainer and was ready to make the commitment to getting healthy. Fortunately Angi was sitting at her desk and we chatted about my goals and lifestyle. I thought I knew good nutrition, but Angi reviewed my daily logs until I had a healthy diet. I am so grateful for her personal attention. Our training sessions are great but the real value is the weekly monitoring while I am away. Through constant focus, I am making my way to reach those goals.

Thank you Angi, you are a real gem.


Being a physician I was under the impression that I knew all about “health and exercise,” but I was incorrect. I started with Fit and Flex by Angi almost six months ago and it has been a real eye opening voyage. My trainer has literally changed my life. He sets very realistic goals for my weight loss and cardiovascular endurances.

Six months have passed so fast and I have accomplished much more than I ever realized. Not only have I lost weight but my energy level is at a peak. My cardiovascular stamina has so improved that I now take four flight of stairs many times a day at the hospitals during my rounds without getting tired or short of breath. I have never met a trainer who is so organized, well-informed and cares for you at the personal level as much as Gary. He has given me the self-esteem that I was missing. Being a physician, my diet, time I ate my meals and sleep hours were very chaotic. Gradually Gary showed me the path to fix each issue. Now that I have followed his instructions, I am a much more organized person, in terms of taking care my “own” health.

When I used to exercise on my own I felt exercise was a burden. But with Gary it’s enjoyable and I eagerly wait for my workouts! I feel so worthy when I finish the session. I am very thankful to Gary for guiding me and making my life more meaningful.

Dr. M.K.

I feel so fortunate to have become acquainted with Angi and Gary! Having never worked out in a gym or with a trainer before, I was a little apprehensive and skeptical about what I could accomplish but I am so thrilled with my results. After only five weeks I have lost several pounds and a couple of inches but what I have gained is so much better! Namely strength, energy, stamina and enthusiasm about continuing to exercise. Wow, I never thought that I would enjoy all these benefits after so little time.

Angi and Gary are fabulous! They are professional, caring and knowledgeable. The studio is bright and clean and a very comfortable place to work out in. Thanks to Fit and Flex by Angi I finally feel like I am creating the foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Angi and Gary!


Dear Gary and Angi: This is to let you and Angi know how much Vicki and I have benefited from the personal training sessions at Fit and Flex by Angi. Over the last three years we have experienced weight loss due both to our training sessions and from nutritional education. Our visits to Fit and Flex by Angi have become a necessary and valuable part of our frequent trips to Palm Desert.

R.L.M. Medical Physicist

My husband, Denny Miller and I started training with Gary and Angi this year. I remember the first day that I opened their door and felt that this could be a life altering experience. I was right!

They work you without hurting you or pushing you beyond your limits. They are careful to consider age, past injuries or current injuries. In the past nine months, we have not once been hurt by any of the activities they have had us do.

I am constantly amazed at how many more things that we can do since training with them. Not only do they give you a great workout, it is fun while you do it. The time goes by fast when you are laughing, teasing and yes, even complaining. We look forward to our sessions. It is like being with old friends.

On another positive note, we travel quite a bit. They are very accommodating in that we simply take our I Pads and Skype our training sessions. Our business is very busy and they are always willing to fit us in, morning or evening.

We highly recommend this marvelous team and the others that they have on staff. It has been wonderful for us! Thank you Angi and Gary.


Denny and Sandra